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Viking Rope Bridge

Arborist Viking Rope Bridge

WLL: one person

Comes with one 11mm Thermocore rope.





The arborist Viking rope bridge is an addition to the Viking harness to make the harness into an arborist harness.

Not all arborist climb everyday and might also do some rope access style work or you might be a rope access tech and do some tree work, whatever it is our arborist Viking Rope Bridge does the trick.

We got approached to see if we can add a bridge. We worked on it and over time perfected how it could work. The final version features our new rope bridge D-rings to make it as multifunctional as possible.

The rope bridge works by installing the webbing pieces onto the harness, in particular the side D-rings and the leg loops. Step 2 is to mount the rope bridge in your favourite way and you can make it adjustable by using a hitch. You can also install a double rope system, the options are unlimited.

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