B90 - Lodestar - Adventure Staff Lanyard

Product: B90 Y – Class E4 – Double leg energy absorber

Customization possible?: Yes, you can choose between a girth hitch or snap hook connection. As well as the length & colours of the legs.

Maximum Arrest Force: 4 kN – 900 lbf

Standard Length: 1m – 3.5 ft up to 1.4 m – 4.5 ft

Weight class: 45kg to 115kg.

Elongation Energy Absorber: 1.2m – 4ft

Standard Connectors: C798 Snap hook

Standards Compliance:  CSA Z259. 11-05

Material: Polyester webbing



The Lodestar energy absorbing lanyard was developed with the guides in mind. It can be adjusted to fit their height and at the same time be compliant with local legislation for workers. Of course check with your local legislator to find out what the requirements are for using fall protection equipment for those who operate and maintain the parks as they might be different than for your guests.

Like our Picadors we kept the O-ring connection to help with abrasion at the energy absorber point.


How to choose the right length. It is a common choice to go for the longest possible length, the 6ft-er. However the common rule is to go for arms length, unless your cables are much higher than arms length. Do keep in mind if you choose a long length to see what happens if you anchor off on for instance a lower spot, like when you get on or off the cable. Do you put your guest on that moment in a Fall Factor 1 or higher? If so, you might want to add a smaller lanyard or relocate the anchor point.  If you have concerns feel free to contact us.

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Snap Hook, Girth Hitch

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