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Full Body Harness

Material: Polyester Webbing

Max load: 154kg – 350lb

Sizing: ONE SIZE (Medium to XL)

Operating Temperature:  -35ºC to +35ºC

Standards Compliance:  Tested to EN 361:2002

Warnings: See Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual for details.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from chemicals, water, corrosive environments, and sources of heat or spark.



The Batavia Fall Arrest Harness seems to be a regular fall protection harness but looks can be deceiving and looking closer, or even better using it, you will notice the difference.

First the selection of the webbing in combination with the buckles, which don’t come undone and are easy to adjust.

The double front (sternal) tie-in point is providing an unique fit preventing it to come off the body excessively while being suspended using the two combined attached point for positioning. Which makes it an excellent choice for climbing ladders.

Beside the unique layout in the front it also have a Dorsal D-ring for fall arrest systems.

This harness is used where the fall risk is higher but the fall is less severe, such as on a ship or adventure park.

Tested to the CE EN 361

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