A140 - Cyclone

You can choose your colour top:

Red – Blue – Black – Yellow – Bright Orange

Material: Polyester Webbing

Weight: 1.5 kg

Size K (kid): Waist 62 – 86 cm | Leg 35 – 56 cm | Height 120 – 150 cm

Size A: Waist 69 – 99 cm | Leg 50 – 65 cm | Height 140 – 180 cm

Size B: Waist 79 – 134 cm | Leg 57 – 80 cm | Height 170 – 210 cm

Max load: 150 kg – 330 lb

Standards Compliance: CE certified to EN 12277: 2015 Type A




Our Cyclone harness is the most durable adventure park harness on the market and the only one where you can choose your colour top.

It has been built with the same proven structure as our Viking harness using industrial grade materials, which explains why this robust harness lasts.

It has been simplified to be easy to put on and with fast drying non-absorbing padding you won’t get the “hockey” bag smell.

Size A is for teens and smaller adults, and size B fits a wide range of guests. For kids we have a size K.

The Cyclone was featured in the 2019 fall edition of the Adventure Park Insider magazine.

Additional information


Kid, A, B


Black, Blue

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