L43 - Trek Haul Bag 100L

Trek Vinyl Haul Bag with rope lifting bridle (connectors not supplied)

Volume: 100 liters

Diameter: 50 cm – 1 ft  7 11/16 inch

Height: 60 cm – 1 ft 11 5/8 inch

WLL: 50 kg – 120 lb



The Trek haul bag is made with a vinyl technical textile to make it a durable product. The bottom is made up of two layers, a blue outside one, and a white inside one so you can easily see what’s on the bottom. It also features a drawstring inside collar for easy closure and access.

We have chosen the vinyl technical textile because it is load bearing, allowing it to be as sleek as possible. This eliminates the possibility of the bag being snagged on something while it is being hauled up.

The additional benefit is that it allows us to make a haul bag that is light, and with the added load bearing top strip, strong too.

The Trek haul bag is ideal for use in the wind and oil and gas industry.

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