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A120 - Leith Rigger

Full Body Harness

# D-rings: 3x (Sternal – Dorsal – Ventral)

Size A: Waist 69 – 99 cm | Leg 50 – 65 cm | Height 140 – 180 cm

Size B: Waist 79 – 134 cm | Leg 57 – 80 cm | Height 170 – 210 cm

Material: Polyester Webbing

Weight: 1.5 kg

Max load: 154 kg – 350 lb or double for pick-off rescues

Standards Compliance:  CE certified to EN 361: 2002 & EN 813: 2008



The Leith Rigger Harness is ideal for those who work at height and occasionally do some rope access work.

  • It’s a lightweight harness with the same uncompromising structure and quality components as our Viking. The best of both worlds.
  • Designed for work in countries where 60°C+ temperatures are common, and extra padding is just too hot. We wear these too, you know.
  • Durable polyester provides alkyd resistance for the thin anti-chafing webbing. Yep, we thought of that.
  • Used by scaffholders, rope access techs working in the salt mines, and more. They love it and you will too.
  • The Leith Rigger harness has 3 steel D-rings for climbing ladders, descender hook-up, and fall arrest.
  • A special kit has been developed to fit a chest ascender onto the harness, containing a Delta Quick link and support strap.

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