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Loki chest harness

Chest Harness

Material: Polyester Webbing

Size A: Height 140 – 169 cm

Size B: Height 169 – 210 cm

Max load: 125 kg

Weight: 0.330 kg

Standards Compliance:  CE certified to EN 12277: 2015 Type D



The Loki chest harness is a simple but effective harness that allows the user, in combination with a sit harness such as the A300 – Atavist, to be more comfortable while suspended, such as on Ziplines.

The Loki chest harness features thin polyester webbing to give a created comfort and with Cordura textile tie-in points we can offer different colours to distinguish sizes or match your logo.

Heat press logo options are available.

Loki Connection Strap sold separately.

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