M45 - Hake Toolholder

Material: Aluminium alloy

Weight: 56 gram – 2 ounces

Length: 110 mm – 4 21/64 inch

Inner Width: 43 mm – 1 11/16 inch

3x hole diameter: 7 mm – 9/32 inch



Our Hake Toolholder is crafted out of a solid piece of lightweight aluminium with CNC precision.
It is easy to put onto the harness and with a bit of a fold needed to get the webbing into the slot it is also secure for normal use.
Added to this toolholder are 3x 7mm hole that are big enough to connect a small accessory carabiner or quicklink. This way you can secure your tool lanyard and with that your tool all in the same spot.
It is big enough to hang up a big tool and small enough so you won’t notice it.
All together it is a simple product with a fitting price of which we know you will love it.


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