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Kit Rod F


Telescopic pole for accessing hard to reach anchors or for rescue and using the pole for remote connecting

Reach: 2.4 meter to 10 meter / 7.8 ft to 32.8 ft



From Climbing Technology out of Italy comes the telescopic pole with a maximum length of 10 m that is equipped with hooking supports for vertical lifelines.

Main characteristics:

  • allows you to connect a temporary lifeline to an otherwise inaccessible elevated attachment point;
  • the connector of the lifeline is inserted into the mounting and the mechanism keeps the lever open, releasing it when the connector is in position;
  • equipped with a compatible support for the CT Large and CT D-shape connectors.

Come with the optional Rod L (to be mounted), which allows a large scaffold hook from CT to be used.

See photo to the right, no extra charges for this $60 add on.

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