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Vast Katrol

P10 – Vast Katrol fixed pulley

CE tested and certified to: EN12278 (Pending)

MBS: 30 kN

Bearing: Needle

Rope Dia: max 11 mm – 7/16 inch

Width: 42 mm – 1.65 inch

Length: 75 mm – 2.95 inch

Wheel dia.: 32 mm – 1.26 inch

Weight: 88 gram – 3.1 ounce

Colours: Black




The Fixed Pulley, Vast Katrol as we called it, has been developed with the arborist in mind.

Most common in the rope access industry as a personal pulley for a technician this item has made its way right across the board. The reason is simple thanks to its fixed side plates, hence the reason why its called a fixed pulley, you can put it on rope very easily giving it a huge advantage over the loose side plated versions.

It might not be obvious but this style pulley is our favourite style. Made from a solid block of aluminium with at its core a needle bearing.  Needle bearing allows this pulley to be loaded up and still provide a smooth operation. We also thought off making the side cheeks thicker to help with pushing up hitches on your work positioning lanyard. Having thicker plates also allow us to hide the bolts a bit and making it all look and feel slicker. Win, win we think.

It comes with a bolted assembly so you can take it apart and maintain the assembly.

The bolt itself is made of high strength steel and can also be maintained with a rust inhibitor. Keep in mind that there is a special procedure for putting it all back together again. Loctite or similar is required.

FYI – The name Katrol comes from the Dutch language and means pulley. It is a wink to a country as a sea faring nation. Lots of rope access is happening in the North Sea so you don’t need a mountain to climb these days.

We love this product and hope you will enjoy it for a long time.

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Weight 0.088 kg

Blue/Black, All Black

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