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Pythagoras AHD TriPod


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The Pythagoras AHD Tripod is an artificial high directional system that can be a built as a monopod, bipod, tripod or as a quad-pod.

Different set-ups are possible with different components. This particular Pythagoras AHD Tripod is the one that has the components for a tripod with the extra leg to create the perfect AHD.

It has been designed around the idea to be assembled in a shop, carry it complete onsite and start using it with minimum set up time. Therefor it is ideal for those who are in an industrial area or for those fire departments that have identified their access point and need a quick AHD.

If the system does need to be shipped, it can easily be taken apart to individual components that are quick to pack. The head portion consist out of plates that are interlocked and then bolted together. This design was chosen to bring cost down as it is easier to make without compromising its ability, and makes it more packable.

The A+B head in its normal set up has an angle of 60 degrees, with an angle of 90 degrees at the bottom, which gives us the total 180 degrees if you add up all the corners off one leg and with that the name Pythagoras was an easy choice.  If you like to read more about the Pythagorean theorem, follow the link.

With this particular system it is possible to add components, such as the Tube Rigging Plate and as time passes we will be adding more innovative components to allow this system to be used for different applications and create different solutions for your access problems. That said we’re particular thinking of rope access companies but also about industrial rope rescue such as rescue standby for those working in a confined space.

Modularity is key! Why buy multiple different systems if one can do it all, and you can add to it over time without breaking the bank.

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