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Pythagoras Offset TriPod

The system comes with the following: Head A/B & C/D, 4x outer & 3x inner legs, Connection tube, Sphere feet, Spring pins and M10 bolts and nuts,

Colour options: Blue/Blank & Black

Holes within the footprint: 12

Total holes on the head: 28

Min. Working Height: 110 cm / 3’ 7”

Max. Working Height: 190cm / 6’ 3”

(Can be extended with extra tubing)

Footprint: 2.4m x 2.7m x 2.7m

Footprint extended: 2.4m x 3.3m x 3.3m

CE Pending: EN 795 B

Tested to: CSA Z259.15

Max. Load: 272 kg – 600 lb

Packaging for shipment: 6” x 6” x 5’ |15 cm x 15 cm x 152 cm

Weight: 45 lb | 20 kg

Foot options: Dome – Spike – Swivel

Extra options:

Integrated pulleys on top of plate C&D

Rigging Hub, as shows in photo

Pop-pins for head and rig hub



The Pythagoras Offset Tripod can be many things: a monopod, bipod, tripod, or quadpod.

Other components make different setups possible. This particular Pythagoras Offset Tripod has the components for a tripod, but with the extra leg, it becomes the perfect AHD (artificial high-directional).

The design allows it to be assembled in a shop and carried together with minimum set-up time. It is ideal for those in an industrial area or fire departments who have identified their access point and need a quick AHD.

If the Pythagoras Offset TriPod needs to be shipped, it can be quickly disassembled in an easy-to-pack way. It fits into a 6×6 inch x 5ft box!

The design of the Pythagoras Offset Tripod.

Interlocking the head plates and using bolts to secure them, we know it’s a solid design. With this concept in mind, we know it is less costly and easier to carry. It is more accessible to make without compromising its ability. Buildings in Japan use this method. Mainly as an answer to earthquakes. These structures have lasted the test of time.

The A+B head, in its standard setup, has an angle of 60 degrees, with an angle of 90 degrees at the bottom between your rope and the floor. If you add up all the corners off one leg, you get 180 degrees. With that, the name Pythagoras was an easy choice. If you want to read more about the Pythagorean theorem, follow the link.

Adding components makes this particular system great for different scenarios. Later, you can look at items like the Rigging Hub and Connector Tube.

We are excited and dedicated to continuing to build more parts and creating solutions for all kinds of access problems.

When we designed the Pythagoras Offset TriPod, we mainly considered rope access companies and industrial rope rescue, such as rescue standby for those working in confined spaces.

Modularity is key! Why buy multiple different systems if one can do it all, and you can add to it over time without breaking the bank?

If you want to learn more about AHD systems, follow this link to rescue magazines: https://www.rescuemagazines.com/

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