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Squid Basket Bridal

Squid Basket Bridle

Prod #: I30

Materials: T19 Mil. Spec. Nylon webbing

Overall strength: 5000 lbf – 22 kN

Weight: 3kg

Customization: This product can be customised or selected without connectors or rigging plates/rope. Talk to us what your needs are.



The Squid basket bridle is the most common set up for the ISS basket. We’ve added an extra rope for the basket attended so that the rescue technician can move up and down when needed.

We have been making bridle systems for basket from the beginning. Either to replace old ones or to come up with a new approach. Sometimes using 1” materials and trying to make a lightweight systems for complex terrains or to add a rope system like the one below to allow the attendant to be more free in his or her movement.

Whatever your needs are or what you like to use we can help!

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