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3L Pod Bag

Pod Bag, ideal for storage of bolts, nuts and small tools.

Fits: 1/2 Gallon paint can

Diameter: 15cm – 5 29/32 inch

Height: 24cm – 9 29/64 inch

Weight: 142gram – 0.31 lb



The 3L Pod Bag is the classic Scottish design from the 80’s where rope access technician started using them for all kinds of rope access jobs.

It is round, with an opening that is large enough to put your gloved hand into it. It will hold a 1/2 gallon paint can, with room to spare and durable to get your toughest jobs done.

The 3L Pod Bag is ideal for storage of bolts, nuts, NDT tools but as said it will hold a paint can too.

Made from durable sealed PVC vinyl and with that it won’t leak, if you spill your paint can into it. It comes with a drawstring top for easy closure and access.

Features small D-ring for easy tethering and a pocket on its side.

If this Pod Bag isn’t big enough go to our 10L pod bag.


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