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Ragnar 20mm

Standard lengths are: 30cm – 1ft (Grey) | 60cm – 2ft (Blue) | 90cm – 3ft (Black) | 120cm – 4ft (Orange) | 150cm – 5ft (Grey)

Standards Compliance: CE certified to EN 795: 2012 & EN 566: 2017

MBS: 23 kN

Material: Polyester webbing



The Ragnar 20mm sling is your go-to sling for anchoring.

Made with robust and durable polyester webbing, the Ragnar 20mm sling has a breaking strength of 23kN and is CE certified to EN 795 Type B and EN 566.

Sewn in a looped configuration using a controlled stitching pattern.

The sling is excellent for daily use as a personal anchor. It also has the most excellent name of all the other slings available.

Standard colour coordinated so you can quickly identify each length.

We have 20 mm keepers to keep your carabiner in line. These are very useful for staying safe and preventing your carabiner from rotating on you.

Custom lengths and colours are possible; contact us for more details.

Additional information

Length (cm) & Colour

30-Grey, 60-Blue, 90-Black, 120-Orange, 150-Grey

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