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Picador Energy Absorber E6

Shock Absorber

Maximum Arrest Force: 6 kN

Weight class: 60kg to 170kg.

Elongation Energy Absorber: 1.8m – 6ft

Standards Compliance: CE certified to EN 355: 2002 | | CSA Z259. 11-05

Material: Polyester webbing



The Picador Energy Absorber have been created with a patented tear tape construction which provides a consistent result when deployed. The Picador doesn’t come with a plastic sealed wrap around the tear tape as we believe that the tear tape needs to be able to breathe and be inspected; something that isn’t possible when you have a clear wrap around it and especially an issue when it becomes wet, allowing mildew to grow underneath the wrap.

We also have chosen for a specially engineered webbing to avoid annoying folded and sewn end pieces. This also allows for webbing keepers to be used to keep you carabiners in-line with the load.

Great for use in systems you build yourself in which it is a good idea to have an energy absorber.

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Snap Hooks, Tower Hooks


I, Y

Length (cm)

120, 180

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