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Bracket Pull Tester

Product Code: K10

Pull Tester Bracket with a top plate for holding the Rock Exotica Enforcer.

You can buy the Enforcer from your local Rock Exotica dealer.

Made from anodized aluminum with two legs.



The Bracket Pull Tester is a pull tester bracket with 2 legs in which your Rock Exotica Enforcer can be hung using the body of a carabiner.

The idea is simple, you place the unit inside the bracket, by sticking the eye of your dynamometer through the slot and clip in your carabiner. Then use the threaded rods (legs) by turning them to build up force. Your dynamometer will read this force and that is how you can test your anchor placement. We build in a ball bearing disk inside the feet to reduce the force needed to turn the rods.

We have a long history with pull testers and back in the day we often had to come up with custom solutions in order to test the anchors after a fall protection installation job. What we didn’t had was the machinery to make something nice and light.

Why build this bracket? Having spend a lot of money on a pull tester in the past and of course it coming back broken, after lending it to someone. (Won’t mention names) We had enough and made a new bracket in which we can use the Enforcer we have laying around.

It is the perfect solution if you need to pull test your anchors once in a while and already have a dynamometer. If needed we can build a new top plate to fit your specific unit too.

We don’t sell the Enforcer and its not included FYI


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