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Akkeri Friction Saver

Akkeri – Friction Saver

Width: 20mm

Type: poly webbing w. Al O-rings

MBS: 23 kN – 5000 lbf

Choice of 5 lengths




The Akkeri friction saver made with 20mm poly webbing and has a XL O-ring on one side and a smaller O-ring on the other.

The smaller O-ring can be easily moved through the XL – O-ring and create a secure chocked frictionless anchor point.

It comes in 5 different sizes from 60cm – 2ft up to 3m – 10ft.

O-ring are extra fat and large to help with the friction but at the same give the extra strength your looking for.

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60cm – 2ft, 90cm – 3ft, 1.2m – 4ft, 1.8m – 6ft, 3m – 10ft

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