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Ardaga 60 rope protector

Rope Protection

Ardaga 60, Blue Vinyl/Black Canvas

Length: 60 cm

Width: 20 cm

Weight: 165 gram



The Ardaga 60 rope protector was developed to be a solid and reliable rope protector.

Knowing the UK HSE 364/2001 report, it was clear that the vinyl used for the Ardaga 60 rope protector alone wasn’t enough, so we decided to combine the best of both worlds and create the vinyl/canvas rope protector.

We didn’t stop there. We found it better to have more form and cushioning in the Ardaga rope protector, so we added a layer of foam to give it better cushioning and radius when you get over the edge.

The Ardaga comes in two sizes, one 60 cm and one with a longer length of 100 cm.

We created a more extended version to accommodate the large path between the hatch and the rough surface on top of the nacelle, the roof of a wind turbine generator.

We have also found that this rope protector is a favourite among Geotechnical companies. I assume it is due to its durability and toughness, but it is still a workable piece of kit.

Additional information

Length (cm)

60, 100

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