S12 - Tochieka Gloves

Rappel Gloves

Tochieka Rappel Glove made from goat leather and with great workmanship.



Tochieka Gloves are made for fast and long descends where build up of heat in the hands could be of concern.

The Tochieka Glove is made of goat leather to give it a supple feeling but is still very durable. In overall goat leather is the most superior for gloves.

The padded insulated layer between two layers of leather had proven itself in the past when we had our first gloves made in Montreal back in 2001. The idea is simple, at the time there where only “rappel” gloves on the market who had multiple rough layers of leather but if you understand anything about thermo transmission you can see that when leather gets wet from sweating it is not a good insulator anymore.  Hence the idea of adding a better insulator to the glove and have it also more supple as the old rappel gloves where hard to work with.

Made in Pakistan

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