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QuickLink Square 10mm

Square shaped quicklink – maillon rapide

Diameter: 10mm – 25/64 inch

Outside Length: 90 mm – 3 35/64 inch

Outside Width: 63 mm – 2 31/64 inch

Opening: 12 mm – 15/32 inch

Major Axis Strength: 45 kN – 10116 lbf

Weight: 166 gram – 0.37 lb

Standards: CE EN 362 & EN12275

Made in France





Quicklink, also known as a Maillon Rapide from Peguet out of France.

Its origin of use, hence the name, comes from connecting two chain together. Which is faster if you screw a link in between them then forging and hammering a connection between two chain.

These days the quicklink comes in all kind of shapes and is still a favorite among climbers for its secure connection.

Square shape: the finest connector when connecting two flat webbing of same width.

Used as a connecting element for the A100 Viking harness when there is a chest ascender to be fitted.

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