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Self-braking descender for work on ropes.

Outside Length: 87 mm – 3 27/64 inch

Outside Width: 179 mm – 7 3/64 inch

WLL: 150kg

Weight: 520g – 1.15 lb

Standard: EN 12841:2006-C, work load limit 150 kg. To only be used with EN 1891-A – Ø 10.5 ÷ 11 mm ropes.

Made in Italy by a verified EYOLF partner.





Self-braking descender for work on ropes. The Sparrow allows the technician to rappel down, position themselves, and if needed climb up.

  • EBS safety system (Extraordinary Braking System), activated if the lever is accidentally fully opened, reducing the speed of descent instead of increasing it
  • Easy to install rope correctly
  • Equipped with a breaking spur, no need for additional connector
  • No need to tie off rope
  • Handled device is easy to operate

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