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Rapier Work Positioning Lanyard

Work Positioning Tool

Adjustable work positioning lanyard

Rock Exotica rope grab – RG2-90 – Standard EN 567

2m LSK rope with programmed sewn end-termination, custom lengths possible.

Rope diameter 11mm – 7/16 inch

MBS: 16 kN – 3600 lbf




The Rapier work positioning lanyard is a two-meter rope with end termination on one side, which has a snap hook sewn into it. On the other side, it has a rope grab that allows you to change the length and set it to your desire.

The Rapier Work Positioning Lanyard can be used to climb towers, hydro poles, or trees, but it can also be used as a fall protection tool. In this mode, it can be set up as a travel restrain system.

If you are using a personal work positioning lanyard, make sure you use both side D-rings.

Do not rely on only one system. Always use a secondary system to ensure that if one system fails, you have another one to fall back on.

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