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Gabbro Static Lanyard


Colours: Eyolf Blue, Red, White or Black

Standards Compliance: CE certified to EN 354: 2010

Max load: 22.2 kN – 5000lbf

Material: Nylon Low Stretch Kernmantle (LSK) Rope

Add-on connectors possible.



Using the optimized ThermoCore process, the Gabbro Static Lanyard’s rope provides perfect adhesion of the sheath and the core, with no sheath slippage. Not to mention, high resistance to abrasion!

In addition, our Wolf’s Bight CNC controlled end-termination enhances an already solid piece of kit – Well built, excellent performance, and the highest class of gear.

Standard lengths are 50cm to 120cm in Black. But custom lengths and choice from Red, Blue or White are possible too.

Additional information

Length (cm)

50, 60, 70, 80, 90

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