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URU Beam Clamp XL

URU beam clamp for rope access and fall protection systems.

Standard: CE EN 795:2012 Class B

Weight: 300 gram – 10.6 ounces

Material: Aluminium with polyester strap.

Flange size: Up to 24 mm – 1 inch

MBS 1: 15 kN – 3600 lb

MBS 2: 22 kN – 5000 lb

Height of Beam Clamp: 62 mm – 2 7/16 inch

Min./Max. Flange width: 15 cm – 6 inch / 45 cm – 18 inch

Patent Pending



The Uru beam clamp came from a frustration of doing aid-climbing on the regular standard beam clamps. They’re just to heavy and therefore hard to install.

The Uru Beam Clamp solved the problem for rope access companies and that is that a regular beam clamp can only be used for fall arrest.

We borrowed the idea from the big wall climbing in which you have a multitude of choices for creating temporary anchor points and from there we kept on developing our new industrial rope access beam clamp, first of its kind.

This particular model has a flange opening of 24mm which allows a I-beam flange of up to 24mm – 1 inch to sit comfortably.

The Uru beam clamp has two anchor points that can be used simultaneously, although for rope access purposes it remains one system.

We also added M6 bolts that can be hand tighten to help the beam clamp stay in place. It is not to be used separately from each other without the strap connecting them both on a beam. You can use the beam clamp with the bolts and we suggest you take precaution not to drop the bolts by mistake if they are not being used. If this can happen remove them before use.

The Uru beam clamp can also be used vertically, we suggest to use a sling to tie in to both anchor points if you are going to use the beam clamp for vertical lifeline systems.

Want to see the beamclamp in an ad? Follow this link: https://accessandrescue.hflip.co/GuidetoArboristEquipment#page/36

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Weight 0.3 kg

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