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Style: Bungee harness in Black

Certification: CE to EN12277


CNC controlled stitching especially designed to withstand the directional loading it will encounter.

Closed Cell Foam for better hygiene and being more dense it gives a greater comfort.

Wide to narrow woven webbing.


Aluminium side O-rings

Removable legloops.




Our Akrobat harness is our answer to the hard work a bungee harness does while performing all kinds of aerial activities.

The Akrobat originated with a famous circus in Montreal. It was designed for a show where the bungee aerial harness needed to be modernized. To keep up with the high demand.

We started to consider the durability of the harness differently. As with all our products, it is about using the best raw materials that are traceable and rated. You would think this is common practice.

So we’ve been making custom bungee harnesses for a while now and with great success.

Since its inception, we have been improving the design.

CE-certified to EN 12277 Type C. With this CE certification, you’re looking at the first and only bungee harness to receive this third-party approval.

Special features are, for instance, engineered wide to narrow woven webbing to smoothly transition between the structural comfort part and the thicker tie-in points. Two solid aluminum O-rings give it smooth contact all around. Something significant for the durability of the harness is the wear on those tie-in points. It also eliminates the need to stitch the crap out of that point to create the folds.

We have also developed directional CNC-controlled bartack patterns, which allow the loading to move in the direction it will move.

On top of all the unique features, our special high-density closed-cell foam is removable from the leg loops.

Our Akrobat bungee fly harness, with its certification and cutting-edge technology, is a typical Eyolf product that shows what we are capable of. No wonder it is the most-sold bungee harness on the market.

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