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Forventer - Adjustable Participant Y-Lanyard

Colour options: Eyolf Blue, Silver, Bright Orange, or Black

Standard length: Adjustable between  90 cm / 3 ft – 36 inches and 140 cm / 4.5 ft – 55 inches

MBS: 22.2kN (5000lbs)

Material: Polyester webbing



The Forventer – 1 inch – 25mm Adventure Participant Adjustable Y lanyard with Girth Hitch loop is the most common lanyard we see in the adventure parks.

It is a simple design yet very sturdy and with the snap hooks added an easy to use lanyard. Making this Y-lanyard an affordable option to keep your guest attached to your lines at all times.

In the photo you see our most common requested lanyard but if your park needs a different hook, length or different colour we can help. Contact us for more details on your costume and park specific lanyard.


How to choose the right length. It is a common choice to go for the longest possible length, the 6ft-er. However the common rule is to go for arms length, unless your cables are much higher than arms length. Do keep in mind if you choose a long length to see what happens if you anchor off on for instance a lower spot, like when you get on or off the cable. Do you put your guest on that moment in a Fall Factor 1 or higher? If so, you might want to add a smaller lanyard or relocate the anchor point.  If you have concerns feel free to contact us.

Have a question about this product? Please contact us for further details.