A300 - Atavist

Adventure Sit Harness

The Atavist sit harnesses, like all Eyolf products, are developed and tested by individuals who are knowlegable in the area of designing excellent harnesses. We as consumers understand what a harness needs to be a versatile, comfortable, and durable work tool.
The Atavist harnesses is especially developed for the recreational market, more specifically for zip lining and climbing gym operators. Not only that, but training companies who need a simple but robust product rely on these harnesses to keep them and their clients safe.




Material: Nylon Webbing

Max load: 125kg

Operating Temperature:  -35ºC to +35ºC

Standards Compliance:  CE certified to EN12277:2007

Warnings: See Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual for details.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from chemicals, water, corrosive environments, and sources of heat or sparks.

Additional information


Kid, A, B, C, One-Size


Padding, No Padding

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