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Chest Ascender Kit

Chest Ascender Kit </p>

Chest Ascender from CT

Eyolf Dyneema Chest Ascender Sling

Peguet 10mm Square Quicklink



The Chest Ascender Kit has been put together to go with our Viking harness to make it into a perfect rope access harness.

Don’t leave home without and as an extra service we can mount this kit onto your harness for you.

This kit consist out of a CT ascender onto we add a pull tab, as we have done since the beginning of time, and a specially made Dyneema sling. This two are then mounted onto a Peguet square quicklink. Torqued by hand to keep it all in place onto your harness.

Benefit of having a kit like this is that you can replace each item so if your harness is done but not your ascender just move it over to your new harness, it is that simple.

The Chest Ascender Kit is the most commonly used kit in the rope access industry.

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