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Evacuate Descender

Descender very suitable for emergency escape.

Made from aluminium

Weight: 96 gram – 0.21 lb

MBS: 22 kN

Friction no control: 48 lbf

Friction with control: 200 lbf

Friction gripping; 350 lbf

Rope size: Ø 8 mm

Made in the UK




The Evacuate Descender is based on a simple principle. Friction, the more you add the slower you will go. Of course the thickness of your rope will play a factor too.

We use the Evacuate Descender to create a personal escape kit in which we string an 8mm rope through all the holes.

With all holes woven and no hands controlling the rope it keeps a 48 lbf.

With all holes woven and hands on the rope to control your descend, it is easy to hold 200 lbf and have the rope slip through your hands slowly without causing any burns.

With all holes woven and holding onto the rope, death grip forces can easily go up to  350 lbf without it feeling difficult.

What we have learned is that it is a remarkable easy to use product that needs a bit of training to feel comfortable with it.

Ideal for those who work in and around ski lifts, wind turbines and need a kit for self evacuation.


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Weight 0.96 kg

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