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SnoFlake L

Rigging Plate

Large SnoFlake Rigging Plate

# holes: 13 holes
Diameter: 14.5 cm – 5.7 inches
MBS: 36kN


EU Type-examination PPE-R/11.114 version 1 that uses parts of the EN 12275 and EN 365; in addition, some applicable parts of EN 795 and EN 354 are used.



The SnoFlake Rigging plate is the multidirectional rigging plate that allows for multiple attachments in a close proximity of each other.

The snoflake rigging plate is ideal for when you use double Prusik’s on a twin line or when you are rigging a tensioned highline and want to keep a tight and clean centre point for attaching your gear to create that perfect centre piece.

The snoflake rigging plate is also ideal for a more focussed anchor spot.

The plate is an amazing must have tool for any serious rigger. It is compact, versatile, strong, and light construction allows for multiple attachments in many directions.

Initially developed for the Diablo Rope Bridge and since used in many other applications; often copied, never duplicated, this is a rigging plate with character.

Want to read more about the plate and where we fit into the segment of our industry, go to page 10 of the Rescue Magazine buyers’ guide

Patented since 2007 and still going strong.
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Weight 116 kg

Black, Blue

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