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WD Pick-off

Variable Sling

Colour: Black or bright yellow

Width: 44mm – 1 3/4 inch

Length: Adjustable, max 2m – 6 ft 6 4764 inches

MBS: 23 kN – 5000 lbf

Standards: CSA Z259.16-04 | ANSI Z359.1




Our WD pick-off sling is the ideal anchor sling that is also often used for rope rescue related pick-offs. It features a thicker 45mm wide Nylon webbing and on one end a movable D-ring with on the other a fixed D-ring.

The WD pick-off sling has two D-rings that help with loading up the carabiners in the best way possible. Unlike large rigging slings that you might use on a rope access project, your oval or D-style carabiners are not meant to be stuffed and overloaded by these rigging slings. There is a reason why the rigging industry uses shackles that come in sizes that to a normal person are bonkers.

We made a video combining slings with carabiners, here is link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWELDSXddUE&t=13s

The WD stands for webbing sling with D-ring. In this version the movable D-ring allows you to set up quickly at any length.

It is made with the T19 Mil. Spec Nylon webbing materials and bartacked with a CNC programmed stitching pattern for consistent quality.

Ideal for anchoring around larger objects such as trees, or steel columns but mostly used for doing pick-off

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