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Katrol L

P40 – Katrol L big pulley

CE tested and certified to: EN12278 (PENDING)

MBS: 36 kN – 8093 lbf

Bearing: Ball

Body: High Strength Aluminium

Rope Dia: max 13 mm – 1/2 inch

Width: 76 mm – 2 63/64 inch

Length: 119 mm – 4 11/16 inch

Sheave Dia.: 50 mm – 1 31/32 inch

Tread Dia.: 37 mm – 1 29/64 inch

Weight: 256 gram – 9 ounce

Prusik Minding: yes

Colours: Blue/Black or all Black




The Katrol L is a rescue pulley that has been developed with rope rescue in mind.

This rescue pulley has high strength side plates made of high strength Aluminum, a high efficient ball bearing and it comes with a bolted assembly so you can take apart and maintain.

The bolt itself is made of high strength steel and can also be maintained with a rust inhibitor. Keep in mind that there is a special procedure for putting it all back together again. Loctite or similar is required.

Most pulleys either are built with minding a Prusik in mind, or their not, this unique and typical Eyolf product has both. We have thought of a new way to mind your Prusik on the shorter ear of the side plate while in other operations it isn’t in the way. Why no one else has thought of this we wonder that too. Simply said it works so you can stick to one style pulley and do what you need to do.

This large pulley is a great piece of kit for heavy duty rescue and suitable for heavy loads. Anywhere you ned to build up mechanical advantage this is the pulley we use. Extremely high efficient which means it does the job smoothly and reliable.

FYI – The name Katrol comes from the Dutch language and means pulley. It is a wink to a country as a sea faring nation and our roots. Lots of rope access is happening in the North Sea so you don’t need a mountain to climb these days.

Altogether we feel it is a great product and well priced. We hope you will enjoy it for a long time.

Want to read more about certification of products? Here is a link: https://eyolf.ca/product-standards/

Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg

Blue/Black, All Black

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