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Pythagoras Head Plate B

Head Plate B  

Product Code: M40 A

Material: Aluminum


Sold per piece



The Pythagoras A/B headpieces can be bought separately to create the Pythagoras QuadPod.

The Quadpod is unique in that with only a couple of pieces, you get a more robust and centred system that allows you to lower and raise larger loads, such as two people.

Adding components makes this particular system great for different scenarios.

Do you want your tripod ready to go? Put it together in the shop and easily carry it onto the job site. This cuts down on set-up time and makes it easier to deploy. It is ideal for those in an industrial area or fire departments who have identified their access point and need a quick AHD.

The Pythagoras Offset TriPod makes shipping easy. You can take it apart quickly and efficiently pack it up. It fits into a 6×6 inch x 5ft box!

The design of the Pythagoras Offset Tripod.

We know it has a solid design that involves interlocking the head plates and using bolts to secure them. With this concept in mind, it is less costly and easier to carry. It is more accessible to make without compromising its ability. The method of interlocking is familiar and common in Japan. Where earthquakes are common, these structures have lasted the test of time.

The A+B head, in its standard setup, has an angle of 60 degrees, with an angle of 90 degrees at the bottom between your rope and the floor. If you add up all the corners off one leg, you get 180 degrees. With that, the name Pythagoras was an easy choice. If you want to read more about the Pythagorean theorem,  follow the link.

We are excited and dedicated to continuing to build more parts and creating solutions for all kinds of access problems.

When we designed the Pythagoras Offset TriPod, we mainly considered rope access companies and industrial rope rescue. This tripod is ideal for those who do jobs like rescue standby for confined spaces.

Modularity is key! Why buy multiple different systems if one can do it all, and you can add to it over time without breaking the bank?

If you want to learn more about AHD systems, follow this link to rescue magazines: https://www.rescuemagazines.com/

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