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Vidar Fall Protection Harness

Vidar Fall Protection Harness

Material: Polyester Webbing

Max load: 154kg – 350lb

Sizing: ONE SIZE (Medium to XL)

Operating Temperature:  -35ºC to +35ºC

Standards Compliance:  CSA Z259.10

RFID can be added – details: RFID tag is a R6 chip type – Frequency it operates on is UHF 860-960 MHz. and uses an ISO18000 6C protocol

Warnings: See Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual for details.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from chemicals, water, corrosive environments, and sources of heat or spark.



The Vidar Fall Protection Harness is one of our most comprehensive fall arrest harnesses we have ever build.

The Vidar fall protection harness is made in Canada and has all the high quality products you might expect it to have. The webbing is UV treated polyester, providing a comfortable but durable webbing. The buckles are secure and don’t slip while wearing it but are easy to tighten or release. This wasn’t always the case and leave it up to us to find that perfect balance.

This full body harness is build based on the old parachute style fall arrest harnesses making it easy to put on and take off, The central auto locking buckles at chest height and the legs makes it even easier. As well as two convenient located D-rings, one on the front for ladder climbing and one on the back (Dorsal D-ring) for fall arrest systems. It also has two pull out indicators that show when the harness has undergo a major fall and needs to be retired.

The padding on the legs and back provide two things, one is that it make it easier to put on as a more rigid harness keeps it shape compared to just webbing and secondly it gives comfort while using it. We where able to use the padding to hide the webbing and with this the webbing is more protected for those who climb ladders inside the turbines and use the back support to rest against the wall.

Two pull out loops are located on the shoulders, these can be used to park your connectors, snaphooks without having to worry about bridging between the anchor and your lanyard.

The Vidar Fall Protection Harness is for sure one of our latest models in which you can see all the experience we gained, with its cnc programmable stitching and unique but ergonomic design.

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