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Aesir L

Anchor point

Weight: 260 gram – 9.17 ounce

Hanger: Stainless Steel

Hanger strength: 36 kN (depending on installation choice)

Bolt size: up to 16 mm – 5/8 inch

Width: 102 mm – 4 inch

Height:  54 mm – 2 1/4 inch

Photos show different installation options. Mechanical anchors are not part of the price.





Our Aesir L is where it all began, the design has become a classic and can be found all over the world. The colour, bright yellow, back in the day was chosen as working in and around the North Sea fog can be so thick it will be hard to find your anchor points.

Our updated Aesir L now has a more distinct Eyolf look and with the flat spot on top we created a new approach to help you with pick off rescues.

We also have chosen to go for a 1/4 inch – 6.35mm thickness as it is more common in North America then what we used to use, 5mm. With that the anchor design also got bigger corner and a more obvious place where it is bent. This all makes the Aesir one of the strongest fall protection anchor point.

It can be mounted either fixed or in swivel mode and it can be installed with many different solutions so you can install it on walls, trusses, into concrete, onto ladders and many many more locations.

The choices are unlimited.



Additional information

Weight 0.094 kg

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