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PPE Inspection Course


Personal Protective Equipment used in work-at-height systems must be reliably maintained and inspected throughout its lifetime in order to meet legal and manufacturer’s requirements. Equipment that is properly managed meets these requirements and provides a higher level of confidence to the user. It also prolongs the lifetime of the equipment.

This course is all about teaching how to inspect and maintain equipment in order to determine if a product is fit for use, and how to manage systems.

The content of this course is unique and offered on our premises where we can go into full details on production and maintenance.


  • Material knowledge
  • Common problems with equipment
  • What to look for when inspecting
  • How to determine when to retire equipment
  • System set-up requirements
  • Logging and registration
  • Tagging and engraving of equipment
  • Pull testing of equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment

Who will benefit?

This is ideal for the individual who is in charge of logging, equipment, such as supervisors and those responsible for purchasing. Besides being mandatory, it teaches you how to make your equipment last longer and how to save money by taking good care of the gear and in time identifying problems.


It involves group training with used and rejected equipment in a practical classroom setup. After the course, the participant will receive a certificate of competence valid for three years.


This is a one-day course that due to its nature is given at our own manufacturing location in Fergus Ontario.