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At Eyolf we offer courses that are tailored to your needs and with our believe in providing you the most down to earth and realistic training. 

Courses are based on the equipment we manufacturer and will give you a better understand how the gear can be used safe and when it is appropriate to be used. 

All courses are based in the fundamental principles of modern work at height and are often considered to be advanced. We don’t see it that way, we believe by training you to keep you safe at all times and not just catch you when you fall. After all H&S means Health and Safety and we want you to be healthy not just safe. 

We train you in not only in using the equipment but also in creating an all-round system that includes rescue. The difference is that we don’t just do a presentation or a show and tell we train hand-on. This has stand the test of time. 

We train groups but also individuals. All hands-on and with a max. of 8 poeple per course.


Modern work at height.

Rope Access – Rope Descend System

Pulleys – Mech. Advantage Systems

Pythagoras – Tripod usage

Rescue at height