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Tailored to you, we provide services for your vertical needs.

Education is a fundamental part of working at height. Any worker needs to learn what the legislation requires and why, understanding it is essential in choosing the right system. Safety is paramount when working at height, as you can’t see, smell or feel gravity. We have a network of highly knowledgeable training partners that we can provide to help in the implementation of our equipment for your team.

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At EYOLF we make you a promise: that you will get products that fit like they’re tailored to you – made to suit and exceed every safety standard. We don’t compromise on quality ever.

We can custom manufacture equipment specifically tailored to your individual use-case. Please contact us to learn more.

Without proper maintenance, the effectiveness of PPE cannot be assured. Maintenance should include inspection, care, cleaning, repair, and proper storage. Probably the most important part of maintenance is the need for continuing inspection of the PPE. If carefully performed, inspections will identify damaged or malfunctioning PPE before it is used. PPE that is not performing up to manufacturers specifications should be discarded.

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