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G10 Karvi

Product standards

Working with standards for us a manufacturer means that we first have to ask ourselves what is the market the product is intended for and

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Eyolf Sticker Pack

Eyolf origin story

Eyolf didn’t happen overnight or with a group of friends who thought it would be cool to make some gear. Nope, instead it started out

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Why say better? It is a bold statement to be made and to be fair coming from us you might think we are biased, of

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Rope Access Group

Rope Access Work Advice

In the “rope access industry” we often get the same questions from newcomers, such as “How can I get into this exciting industry?” or “Where

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Tower Climbing

Fall Protection

When considering fall protection it is common to think only of fall arrest. When protection against falling is needed, most individuals may go to a

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EYOLF's new headquarters

Our new home

We believe change is a good thing here at Eyolf, which is why you can expect to see our brand-new production centre opening later this

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