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Eyolf Equipment Portal

All your Eyolf inventory centralized in one simple portal. Keep track of your products without the hassle.

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A place for all your products

The Eyolf Equipment Portal enables you to see all of your Eyolf products from one unified and easy-to-use portal, and get access to the information that you need.

Some Eyolf equipment now comes with a QR code that allows you to log in to see the unique history of the individual serial, including the date of manufacture, inspection information, product name and ID and more.

Methods of Access


Scan any QR-enabled Eyolf merchandise and get a comprehensive history of the item on the Eyolf Equipment Portal. No sign-in required.

Log In

Log into the Eyolf Equipment Portal using your email address to create a complete list of your product inventory. Not sure what your email is? Click here.

Upgrade to


With Scale, you can use the QR codes already on your products and add your own information, including last inspections, product status, date of service and more. You can even add your own non-Eyolf merch to your inventory page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some products created after November 2019 by Eyolf will have a QR code somewhere on the product or its container.

Even if the product does not have a QR code, it can still be logged in the Eyolf Equipment Portal. Log in and search for it to make sure.

Free accounts (non-Scale customers) can see the following information when they scan a QR code or enter a serial number:

  • An image of the product
  • Eyolf’s Product Name/Product Code
  • Eyolf’s Unique Batch and Serial ID for the Product
  • Product Colour
  • Location Product was Created
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Eyolf Inspection Details

Scale customers can add any additional information they want to this page.

All customers of Eyolf Inc or its resellers (Eyolf EU, etc) excluding the Complex Terrain brand, who have purchased or ordered a product after November 2019 are able to access the Eyolf Equipment Portal.

Try logging in with the email you regularly use for correspondence with your Eyolf representative first. This is most likely the email associated with your account.

If you haven’t made an order since November 2019 you do not have an account.

If you are not sure what email your account is likely associated with, you can contact us for assistance.

There is no cost to use the basic edition of the Eyolf Equipment Portal. It’s free to use forever for all of our customers.

There is a cost for the additional functionality of Scale accounts, which are optional. You can learn more about them here.

No, we go to great lengths to ensure your information remains private. Your QR codes land on a unique ‘Scan Page’ for the product, which only offers basic information, such as the name of your company.

Only authenticating with your email allows you to see the information we have on file for you, such as your phone number or company address.

Please see here for a comparison in functionality.

Because we’re keeping your company’s data, we make sure your information is kept safe through a variety of technological safeguards. Here’s just a few:

  • Our Web Host: We use a managed web host that regularly patches and updates its software to ensure that our web server is not vulnerable to outdated software exploits.
  • The Equipment Portal: The Eyolf Equipment Portal is written with Laravel, a web application framework which comes with security by default, including the protection of SQL exploits, breaching of account sandboxing, and automated brute force attacks. We have added additional layers in the software to help ensure your login request is genuine – our use of passwordless sign-in greatly reduces the risk of brute force attacks.
  • Updates: We regularly update our Equipment Portal’s dependencies to ensure that there are no exploits to the underlying framework.
  • Need-to-Know: We limit the access of the Equipment Portal administration features to employees and contractors who need to have access to the functionality. We don’t store information that we don’t need to have access to or we believe wouldn’t be insightful for helping you keep track of your serials.
  • SSL/HTTPS: All connections to the Eyolf Equipment Portal are secured using HTTPS, to prevent the snooping of your connection to the Equipment Portal.
  • Payments: Payments for Scale accounts are secured using Moneris, a payment gateway with PCI DSS 1 certification, the highest level of credit card payment security. We don’t store your payment details in plaintext or in our database.

For more information about our security practises, see our Privacy Policy.

To sign up for a Scale account, please click here. To downgrade back to free, visit your profile.

For help with accessing your account (if you don’t know what email to use), please click here.