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Inventory management can be difficult: keeping track of your products, their maintenance, their history and their inspection can make routine use feel like a chore, and can make important tracking tedious.

At Eyolf, we’re always looking to innovate, whether with our products, or with our procedures. We built a simple yet powerful inventory management system that enables us to create digitized full chains of responsibility and tracking with our products.

When you buy one of our products, it might come with a QR code that logs in to our Equipment Portal. You can also log in using your email address and enter the serial number of the product.

But what if you could use our portal to manage your own products, use your own serials, and mark your own inspections, even for non-Eyolf gear?

You can, and it’s Eyolf Scale.

Eyolf Scale Account Benefits

Inventory Management

Add your own non-Eyolf and non-digitized Eyolf equipment to your own unique portal, in order to get a comprehensive view of all of your assets.

Editable Serials

Add your own company's inspection dates, notes, date in/out service and product status to the QR codes already on your Eyolf merchandise.

Comprehensive History

View all digitized Eyolf products you have ever purchased and logged from one centralized portal. Search for unique serials.

Powerful Meets Simple

We weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel when it came to the Eyolf Equipment Portal; we’ve designed a tool that’s simple for your technicians to use, but advanced enough to track everything important back-office. For teams that don’t need an expensive and complicated inventory management system, Eyolf Scale takes the gear you already have, and makes it a little smarter.

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Technicians First

Your team doesn’t want to wait for an all-clear from the office that their equipment is safe to use. Let them use their own phones to scan and get the all-clear, and let productivity reign.

Feature Comparison

All Eyolf customers can benefit from the enhancements that Scale accounts provide.

Free Account

$ 0 Use free, forever
  • Access the Eyolf Equipment Portal
  • Scan QR codes
  • View scanned serial information
  • View your last 50 products ordered

Scale Account

$ 6 /month, billed annually
  • Free Account features, plus...
  • Create your own unlimited custom products with custom details
  • Add details (date in/out service, inspection, location, owner, and more) to Eyolf serials
  • Share custom information with technicians upon QR scan
  • View your entire Eyolf serial history
  • Search all products by Serial ID, product name, location or any added attribute

Frequently Asked Questions

Fundamentally, Eyolf Scale boosts the productivity of teams that might not have their own dedicated inventory management systems, but still want to be able to keep track of assets from a centralized management portal. With our Eyolf Equipment Portal free accounts, your office can view the details behind any equipment that we make, but with Scale, you can append to that information and add your own details for your technicians.

Additionally, you can import your own assets, even if they weren’t manufactured by Eyolf, so that you only have one place to look for any asset in the field.

Accounts are tied to one email address, but you can have as many devices (reasonably) possible associated with your ‘account’, including mobile and desktop devices.

We manually bill customers every year by credit/debit card, recurring from the first date that you upgrade to Scale. If you want to cancel, you can easily do so here.

We do not store credit card information. You will receive an invoice with secure “pay now” button that you can use to enter the information yourself.

For your serials, firstly, we use Cloudflare for our proxy and firewall to help prevent automated hacking attempts. Secondly, we use proper software development techniques to ensure that the Equipment Portal keeps your serials isolated from view of other customers or external sources.

Just like on free accounts, technicians will see:

  • Eyolf’s Product Name/ID
  • Colour
  • Eyolf Custom Details
  • Location Created
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Eyolf Inspection Details

Additionally, technicians will now be able to see custom details you add, such as:

  • Your own unique serial
  • Product In Use/Discontinued status
  • Date in and out of service
  • Date last inspected
  • Technician who last inspected
  • Current Product Location
  • Any custom details you wish to add

Technicians will also be informed if the product in question has a last inspection more than 6 months ago.

When upgrading to a Scale account, you can manage your serials in a variety of ways. You can search by any of the serial’s attributes, including the product name, location, colour, inspection personnel, or activity. You can also sort the main Equipment Portal table by date of manufacture, last inspection date, service/out of service, product name or location, as well as filter out of service products.

No, there is no obligatory contract besides the fact that you need to pay per year and not per month.

You can easily cancel any time by contacting us. If you choose to cancel, you’ll be downgraded at the end of the billing term back to your Eyolf Equipment Portal free account, which will allow you to continue to scan Eyolf QR codes.

Upgrade to Scale

If you’re interested in upgrading to a Scale account, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you shortly.