Why say better? It is a bold statement to be made and to be fair coming from us you might think we are biased, of course we are but as a small company we are also humble and listen to our people and they keep telling us that our products are better so it must be true, right?

Well, we like to explain you why we think our harnesses specifically are better.

Lets start with the structure of the harness, most of our webbing is of an industrial grade and because we make our harnesses in Canada and therefore follow CSA/ANSI our webbing is just a bit thicker and with that stronger and more durable.

Although we originally felt we should do what everyone else does, our adventure park customers specifically kept asking for the “industrial” grade, the heavy-duty stuff vs the recreational climbing harnesses as they already knew that what they got from Europe wasn’t cutting it in durability.

Not saying there is anything wrong with a rock climbing harness that is CE certified but putting on and off day in day out isn’t what they are built for.

Durability happened by the choice of those using the products on a day to day basis and if well kept we see the difference and get to hear it is better.

What most don’t know is that our webbing is treated against UV and it is working brilliantly. Better comes to mind.

Our foam is also just a bit thicker and made of a closed cell material that doesn’t absorb sweat, that in combination with a structural textile and anti-bacterial fabric is a engineered product made to provide less cutting of the webbing into the “flesh” but also gives it shape to make it easier to step into a harness, comfort is a choice and although it cost more money we feel we needed to go for better.

Ergonomics is hard thing to achieve and we truly don’t understand why some if not most manufacturers keep changing their design and gamble with the ergonomics of the harness.

We built all our harnesses based on generations in which each step up is an improvement of what we already know works for you. We also use lay-out of harnesses we already make to help reduce the cost of a design and tooling but most of all we know what works and what doesn’t. That is why it is hard to see others do things we already know it ain’t going to work. Sure you might get it passed certification but that doesn’t mean it is the right approach for the application. We do extensive product research and field testing, sometimes taking way to much time before taking a product to market but as we like to say we like to sleep at night and with that one of the founders used the products himself in some of the most extreme circumstances, these days it is the daughter of the founders using the harnesses they made. That counts for something if you talk about trust.

As for cost of the product we try to work hard to maintain a fair and competitive price. It is hard as most harness these days are build in low-wage countries with engineered products to meet the minimum standard and adding design flavors to cover up the poor craftmanship using contractors that supply the majority of brands we know today. A few have their own shop but with rising cost of shipping and the need for niche market products that have lower quantities making it hard to fulfill the need as it isn’t mass volume. We decided to focus on automation, building our own machinery, tooling and creating our own programs on the CNC bar tacking machines, relying less on the manpower but more on skilled people that love their job and are passionate about climbing. That results in a better product that is for sure competitive.

So, when we say better it is because we feel confident our product is better but most of all we know what you’re doing and understand when it is needed to create a better product so you can be better.

Let’s agree we all need better.