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Rope Access Kit, what is in it?

Equipment used for working at height, rope access, and rescue systems is specially developed, engineered, and tested to fulfill the needs of a modern work-at-height system.

The essential requirement is that equipment can be utilized for multiple applications. This reduces the amount of gear a technician requires and ensures that the technician has everything on hand to perform either work or rescue within the proper safety guidelines.

The following is an overview of the equipment you will need in a kit and what we can do (2023) for you. 

Industrial climbing helmet – Dynamo ANSI Helmet, Rock

Full body harness – A100 Viking harness

Hand ascender –F12 Hand ascender, CT

Footloop – Q41 Trap 1 footloop

Chest ascender – F20 Chest ascender kit

Descender – D300 Sparrow descender, CT

Oval carabiners, min 6. – C004 Oval St. Blk. carabiner

Back-up device

3x Dynamic rope (cow’s tail) – B10 75cm Fossil lanyard

Small Pulley – F20 Katrol S

Dyneema Sling – Dyn 120cm/4ft sling

Gloves – S12 – Tochieka rappel gloves

Rope Access Kit