Regarding Disinfecting Equipment

Nylon, Poly, and Dyneema gear

Dear Madam and/or Sir, I hereby send you this guideline to help you to disinfect your equipment in the most feasible way. Many of us are effected by the COVID-19 pandemic and hope to resume business as usual. Therefore, we currently abide by regulations set forth by the Canadian government regarding the operation of our […]

Rope Access Work Advice

Rope Access Group

In the “rope access industry” we often get the same questions from newcomers, such as “How can I get into this exciting industry?” or “Where do I get training and what kind of training do I need?”. A long time ago, I asked a good friend of mine to help someone out who was new […]

Working with Legislation on the Job

Wind Turbine from above

One of the many services we provide is the education of business owners, supervisors and technicians on the subject of how to work with legislation in regards to working at height. It is undoubtedly a complicated matter that most Health and Safety Officials don’t comprehend well enough to give well-informed advice. The Health and Safety […]

Fall Protection

Tower Climbing

When considering fall protection it is common to think only of fall arrest. When protection against falling is needed, most individuals may go to a safety store and buy standard equipment fabricated for fall arrest, which may or may not address their specific needs. To exacerbate the situation, certain companies have worked this angle for […]

Our new home

EYOLF's new headquarters

We believe change is a good thing here at Eyolf, which is why you can expect to see our brand-new production centre opening later this year. Curious about our progress? Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Influences of RF on the human body

Rope Access professional looking up while working at heights

We are often surprised of the lack of knowledge among technicians working at height when it comes down to antennae. Further investigation helps to discover that there is little information available unless you are looking for RF coming from cell phones. This is not the type of information we can use to describe what you […]

Materials: Nylon vs Poly vs Dyneema

Nylon, Poly, and Dyneema gear

Materials Nylon 6-6 Polyester Kevlar Dyneema Melting Point °C °C °C °C Mass Density 1.15 g/cm³ 1.37 g/cm³ 1.44 g/cm³ 0.97 g/cm³ Friction Resistance Good OK Excellent Self lubricating Stretch High Low Very Low Creeps Colorfastness Superior Great Not Not Chemical Resistance Not good Excellent Good Excellent Arresting Force Excellent Good Not good Not good […]

Influences of wind

Wind Turbine Maintenance

We are often asked what maximum wind speed a rope access tech can work at. Of course there is no quick answer. Wind can be deceiving because you cannot tell if it is windy at height. Beside a freak wind where a tech can be taken by surprise there is another important element to consider: […]