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Grater Rope Protection

Grater Rope Protector

Product Code: M140

Made from a solid block of aluminum.




The Grater Rope Protection was requested by a rope access contractor who needed a simple solution to put the rope through a grating floor but also wanted it to be solid and made from aluminum.

We listened and used our machines to make the first all-aluminum rope protector for a grating floor.

Of course, we’ve all been there. Working around grating floors can be challenging. If possible, the best solution is to remove them, but the grater rope protector is definitely the best.

Be careful when using grating rope protectors, as it is essential that the floor can’t move or is even loose. We also don’t allow the rope to be put under an angle through the rope protector. The bent is too sharp, but most floors can’t hold the forces it might encounter.

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